East Riding of Yorkshire Lieutenancy

Lieutenancy Visits

The Lord-Lieutenant, Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants are keen to support and visit organisations, charities and businesses across the County and to meet people who are doing great things for their local community. The Lieutenancy is keen to attend voluntary and charity initiatives, award ceremonies and community functions.

Requesting a Visit

All invitations should be made to the Lieutenancy Office in writing.

Please email erlieutenancy@eastriding.gov.uk or alternatively, a request can be made via the online visit request form:

Request a Visit from the Lord-Lieutenant

It is important that you give as much notice as possible. If emailing please include the following information:

  • Date of the proposed event, arrival and departure times

  • Venue address and postcode

  • Background information on the organisation and event

  • Full contact details of the organiser

  • Details of any specific duties you would like the Lord-Lieutenant to undertake.

You will receive a written response and if the invitation is accepted, you will be asked to complete an engagement form requesting further detailed information, event programme and speech notes (if applicable), dress code, parking details etc.

Appropriate requests will be given every consideration, but please bear in mind that the Lord-Lieutenant receives far more invitations than he, or his Deputy Lieutenants can attend but every effort will be made for someone to visit.

The Lord-Lieutenant or one of the representing deputies attends an event as the representative of The King; therefore, it is important that the Protocol is followed to ensure that their attendance is trouble-free.