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Use this page to find out how you can invite the Lord-Lieutenant to your event. It also provides information advice and guidance about what is expected from the host and the host venue during the visit, dealing with ceremonies and functions, press releases and even how to accommodate the Lord-Lieutenant's car!

How do I contact/invite the Lord-Lieutenant to my event?

If you wish to invite the Lord-Lieutenant to attend your event please complete the Lord-Lieutenant Attendance Request eForm below:

Send an Invitation

Alternatively, you can contact the Lord-Lieutenant by the following means:

In Writing

Lieutenancy Office
County Hall
Cross Street
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9BA.

By Email

Email: erlieutenancy@eastriding.gov.uk

By Phone

Tel: (01482) 393260

Please do not contact the Lord-Lieutenant direct or send correspondence to their home. All communications must be done through the Lieutenancy Office.

If the Lord-Lieutenant is unable to attend your event, then every effort will be made to find a Deputy Lieutenant (DL) to represent them.

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants

Please note: when the Lord-Lieutenant is represented by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant he/she should be accorded the same protocol as for the Lord-Lieutenant.

The Deputy Lieutenants should not be referred to as Deputy Lord-Lieutenants, but simply as Deputy Lieutenants.

Arrival of the Lord-Lieutenant

The Lord-Lieutenant will always aim to arrive at the time scheduled.

It is usual for him to be received at the entrance of the venue by the host (the senior person present) and escorted by the host or another designated person until such time as he leaves the venue.

Lord-Lieutenant’s Car

A parking space should be reserved for the Lord-Lieutenant’s car as near as possible to the point where he will be received.

Press Releases

Please feel free to notify the local press that the Lord-Lieutenant will be attending your function, however, there is no guarantee that the event will receive press coverage.

Award Ceremonies

Where the Lord-Lieutenant is invited to present an award in a formal capacity, he does so on behalf of Her Majesty and the Royal Prerogative applies, thereby, the Lord-Lieutenant (or his/her representative) takes precedence over all other guests.

If people are seated, it is usual for the host to arrange for the Lord-Lieutenant to be announced upon entering the venue, so that those present may stand to acknowledge his status.

The person making the announcement should do so by saying: ”Ladies and gentlemen, please stand to receive the Lord-Lieutenant“.

Formal Functions

The Lord-Lieutenant or his/her representative (as the principal guest) is placed on the host’s right.

The principal guest’s spouse is usually placed on the host’s left, the host’s spouse being placed on the right of the principal guest.

If spouses are not present the second most important guest is placed on the host’s left.

Citizenship Ceremonies

Some Deputy Lieutenants attend Citizenship Ceremonies and on such occasions will represent the Lieutenancy rather than the Lord-Lieutenant.

They will be accorded the status of a VIP Guest and be seated at the front with the Lord-Lieutenant/Vice Lord-Lieutenant or Lord Mayor/Chairman (whoever is officiating).

Lieutenancy Office

Someone from the Lieutenancy Office will, on occasions, accompany the Lord-Lieutenant, to give assistance to him, direction to the host and to participate in presentations.

To contact the Lieutenancy Office please complete the Contact Us form or use the other methods available from the page footer below.